Week 4 Game Critique 3: Tetris DS- Marathon

The original Tetris came out dozens of years ago, countless spin-offs and re-imaginings have since been released with varying degrees of success. Now it’s Nintendo’s turn to add their magical touch to Tetris with Tetris DS for the Nintendo DS.

There are six main modes in Tetris DS, and each of them has their own theme. The standard Tetris mode is your most simple. Differently shaped blocks fall down from the top of the screen one at a time, and the goal is to create a line of shapes in a given row. Clear a row, and your score increases. Clear two or more lines, and you score even more points.

Push is a unique take on the Tetris formula. It uses a Donkey Kong theme as its background. Opponents try to push each other’s blocks into their opponent’s area by clearing two or more lines. So while your blocks are falling downward, your opponent’s blocks are falling upward. Hence how you’re pushing one another by clearing lines. Once the bundle of blocks has infiltrated the danger line of a given player, the push battle is over and a victor is crowned.

Game Level Fun: High Concepts

Ergonomics is used in the game in a way where the AI opponent is away for the player’s comfort level and the difficulty level increases as the player pushes the opponent to win the game.

The flow of the game is based on the difficulty level, it gets more intense as player hold on longer and continues to push/battle the opponent. It begins rather simple, but the opponent picks up their pace in clearing lines, the difficulty is rather linear and gradually increase the difficulty. This would keep the players hooked because they want to win and beat their opponent. There isn’t much wow factor, with impressive graphics but rather the competitiveness that motivates the players to play. The more challenging, the more the player gets hooked into the game; hence they become hooked even without the impressive graphics. The game focuses more on skills and the players to respond and react to situations that they are put on the spot as well as strategy of how to win quickly or not lose so fast.


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