Week 5 Reading Break Contribution

We all split the work done on our own:

Wilson: works on animation of character: walking, running, jumping and creating enemies.

Dan: narrative, video pre-story

Michael: works on the programming adding endurance bar, and collecting artifacts.

Tim and I: met up to work on the level design of the game because we found that that learning curve is quite high (exponentially).

We had some difficulties with using Unity because we are new and there was some problem with the collision.

-when we form just rectangles, there is collision with the sprite and the sprite animation works (legs moving while walking,running and jumping)

-but when we try to create our graphics with mesh using the plugin “Ragespline”, the sprite animation does not work and the sprite is gliding on the mesh block create.

-We found some answer about OnTrigger and OnCollision and found that we need to code it, so we plan to ask Michael for help on that.

We plan to meet up this week before the end of the reading break.


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