Week 6 Weekly Contribution

We met on Friday during the reading break and found some issues that we need to address.

1.) Graphics:

We have issues with using RageSpline graphics, and dicussed that it didn’t no have anything to do with OnCollision or OnTrigger in the script. Michael found that it is probable the 3D / 2D plane of the objects that we created using RageSpline in Unity.

Dan decides to research more on RageSpline

Wilson is almost done with the enemies graphics

Tim and I will continue to work with the level design and the graphics (we plan to find alternatives to implementing graphics through Maya or Illustrator

Michael will continue to work on the programming, now including checkpoints, enemies, and energy.

2.) Endurance/Energy Bar

We wanted to decrease the players energy bar as the move, jump, …etc but we found through internal testing that it is to hard to accomplish a stage with the limited energy that we provide. We decide that the player should collect energy as they explore the terrain instead of decrease their energy because this is an explorational type of game. We plan to decrease some energy when they use their powers collected from the artifacts.

3.) Artifacts

For the artifacts, we decide instead of just having them be placed in hard to reach places is to give them the artifacts as an accomplishment for exploring the terrain. We have to decide the checkpoints where they receive these artifacts.

This week, we were unable to meet today after class because of personal issues(sick, other projects due..etc), but we have communicated online to continue with our tasks beforehand and meet on our usual Fridays.



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