Week 7 Weekly Contribution

Our team met up on Friday to work on refining our prototype and design document.

We created design questions to ask our participants in our user study. We decided to create two versions of our game to test whether user prefer their character to land on co-ordination platforms or go through them. Over the weekend, all of us worked on different parts of the game:

Michael worked on coding the game and fixing glitches for our prototype.

Dan worked on the level design with Michael and also the design documentation.

Wilson, Tim, Dan and I conducted user tests after the prototype has been completed and worked on refining our design documentation and our combining our user test results online on Sunday.

After the lecture, we discussed what we wanted to include in our level design and what is more important to complete and decided that the level design should be done first along with enemies and platform placements. This was from the guest speakers feedback that we need to focus on our level design and character control first before pushing further in our game development.



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