Week 8 Game Critique 4: Interface Feedback

League of Legend

Diegetic, Not-Diegetic or Hybrid

League of Legend’s feedback is a hybrid that consist of both diegetic and non-diegetic elements. From the HUD we are able to see spells and character statues, team chat as well as a mini map. Amongst your team the HUD would be diegetic but censored from your opponent. Players in the game on both teams are able to see the health bar that hovers above each character, this spatial diegetic element is heavily used. However, non-diegetic qualities would be when players take damage, die or revive, only the player of each character can see these elements. There is a diegetic element where text and voice notification is present in the game when heroes die or towers are destroyed

Appropriate/Intuitive Feedback

League of Legend does not stray away from the many traditional HUD layouts (Left, Right and Bottom). I would say the layout is efficient in presenting information that is necessary in the game. With a team based game, chat is needed to communicate strategies and plans, while the mini map is needed to help out teams that are struggling in different areas of the map and also look at how the team is doing against the opponent.

There are buttons for casting spells (“q,w,e,r” buttons) but there you can also click on the spells. I would say hitting the buttons are faster while when hitting the button to “ping” on the minimap is faster then the hitting the hot key. It is beneficial when hitting ping because it also alerts the other players of what is happening in the game.


Diegetic, Not-Diegetic or Hybrid

Skyrim’s HUD is considered to be non-diegetic while keeping traditional layout (top and bottom). The top consist of a compass for direction while the bottom has health, magic and stamina laid out horizontally. With their new HUD, it is not less intrusive when players are not losing any health, magic and stamina, they will fade to provide for view of the environment. When hitting the menu button, it presents a compass like menu with 4 selections that can be selected: skills, items, map and magic (top, right, bottom, left). Spatial non-diegetic elements are incorporated when viewing enemies health bars that are not intrusive in the game. There are some diegetic parts where NPCS give out quests or talk to the user and players can choose to either do the quest or not, when completing a quest, text will appear and you may need to follow arrows to hand in the quest item/task.

Appropriate/Intuitive Feedback
In an exploration game, I would say that the less distractions the better. The HUD right now is efficient with fading out the HUD. However, when selecting items, magic and viewing maps I feel that it takes away from the immersiveness of the environment because it stops the game. Although, there is a shortcut “favourite” menu to do quick switches with items, spells or weapons but it still stops the game time and creates this abrupt pause in the player’s immersion into the environment. The console version of the game seems to allow more freedom of movement in the game while on PC, the mouse restricts movement and some players buy a controller for the game to have better control of their character.


League of Legend’s HUD is doing a better job in presenting information because it is needed in the game, while Skyrim’s HUD focus more on bring the player into the gaming world with less visual information as possible. I would prefer a hybrid of both diegetic and not-diegetic HUD, but both types of HUD perform effectively in these two different types of game(team based strategy game and exploration game). I would think that Skyrim’s HUD can be improved to create less of a pause in the game to effectively bring players into the game world by integrating a more diegetic interface.


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