Last Weekly Contribution

We finished game, Michael was able to send us the final version of the game over the weekend and We all user tested the game to find glitches that we believe players would have difficulties with.

Tim and I scripted the demo video and he worked on implementing it. Wilson finalized the art work for the game and the gave input on the trailer.

Dan worked on finding more better sound files that we could replace our current sound files that Tim and I found. I worked on the draft for the final documentation where Dan will be compiling it later on tonight after our game exhibition.

It has been a great semester



Week 9-13 Contribution

These weeks have been quite hectic, we all worked on various parts trying to finish the beta and now in week 13 we are working on our final phase.

Michael is working on the programming, Tim, Wilson and I are working on the graphics/HUD/Sound.

Tim and I discussed on how to make the trailer for our game. Dan is working on the overall sound for our game while we look for different action/enemy/ ambient sounds.



Week 7 Weekly Contribution

Our team met up on Friday to work on refining our prototype and design document.

We created design questions to ask our participants in our user study. We decided to create two versions of our game to test whether user prefer their character to land on co-ordination platforms or go through them. Over the weekend, all of us worked on different parts of the game:

Michael worked on coding the game and fixing glitches for our prototype.

Dan worked on the level design with Michael and also the design documentation.

Wilson, Tim, Dan and I conducted user tests after the prototype has been completed and worked on refining our design documentation and our combining our user test results online on Sunday.

After the lecture, we discussed what we wanted to include in our level design and what is more important to complete and decided that the level design should be done first along with enemies and platform placements. This was from the guest speakers feedback that we need to focus on our level design and character control first before pushing further in our game development.


Week 6 Weekly Contribution

We met on Friday during the reading break and found some issues that we need to address.

1.) Graphics:

We have issues with using RageSpline graphics, and dicussed that it didn’t no have anything to do with OnCollision or OnTrigger in the script. Michael found that it is probable the 3D / 2D plane of the objects that we created using RageSpline in Unity.

Dan decides to research more on RageSpline

Wilson is almost done with the enemies graphics

Tim and I will continue to work with the level design and the graphics (we plan to find alternatives to implementing graphics through Maya or Illustrator

Michael will continue to work on the programming, now including checkpoints, enemies, and energy.

2.) Endurance/Energy Bar

We wanted to decrease the players energy bar as the move, jump, …etc but we found through internal testing that it is to hard to accomplish a stage with the limited energy that we provide. We decide that the player should collect energy as they explore the terrain instead of decrease their energy because this is an explorational type of game. We plan to decrease some energy when they use their powers collected from the artifacts.

3.) Artifacts

For the artifacts, we decide instead of just having them be placed in hard to reach places is to give them the artifacts as an accomplishment for exploring the terrain. We have to decide the checkpoints where they receive these artifacts.

This week, we were unable to meet today after class because of personal issues(sick, other projects due..etc), but we have communicated online to continue with our tasks beforehand and meet on our usual Fridays.


Week 5 Reading Break Contribution

We all split the work done on our own:

Wilson: works on animation of character: walking, running, jumping and creating enemies.

Dan: narrative, video pre-story

Michael: works on the programming adding endurance bar, and collecting artifacts.

Tim and I: met up to work on the level design of the game because we found that that learning curve is quite high (exponentially).

We had some difficulties with using Unity because we are new and there was some problem with the collision.

-when we form just rectangles, there is collision with the sprite and the sprite animation works (legs moving while walking,running and jumping)

-but when we try to create our graphics with mesh using the plugin “Ragespline”, the sprite animation does not work and the sprite is gliding on the mesh block create.

-We found some answer about OnTrigger and OnCollision and found that we need to code it, so we plan to ask Michael for help on that.

We plan to meet up this week before the end of the reading break.

Week 4 Contribution

With our weekly Friday meeting, we were able to conduct our user testing after Michael created a prototype for testing our color changing mechanic. We all tried to play with the prototype and found new findings of the responsiveness of the controls and getting use to idea of color switching in the game.

Dan, Tim and I found participants to test our game prototype after we have create a few challenging obstacles. Dan guided the users if there were questions they wanted to ask during the test, Tim observed participants reactions, and I took pictures for our report. Tim guided the post game interview and we helped with asking questions as well.

After, we set up a time to meet on the weekend online to finish the report. Everyone contributed on the google doc.

Week 3 Contribution

We met up on Friday to talk about which engine we would be using to develop our game. We were debating between Torque 2D or Unity 3D an researched on which is easier to implement. We found that Unity maybe able to do on screen editing of the graphics.

Dan and Michael were researching about the engines, while the rest of us worked on the platform and overall map of our game. We worked combining the different environments in the game to create a seamless world instead of frame by frame to different areas in the game world.

Week 2 Contribution

This week we focused on finalizing our concept of the game:

Objective for the character:

1.) exploration and finding artifacts to fix spaceship to go home.

2.) exploration and colonizing

We chose to create a 2-d side scrolling exploration game that the character plans to colonize.

We worked on our core mechanism and the game modes on Friday and worked on the documentation that was due Sunday. We finalized the concept of switching color mode and the color switching of the environment. Some of the team members imagined the color switching environment was including the background while others thought it was only certain platforms or areas that switch color to allow the character to camouflage with the surroundings.

We worked on finalizing the types of artifacts that our character can find and how it would aid the character throughout the game. We distributed the remaining parts on Friday and met after lecture to discuss how to present.

On Friday’s meeting, I help take minutes and organized the google doc so we would be able to reference all the changes that we made and that if team members have questions about certain aspects, it would be easier to explain and also make sure everyones on the same page. Some times we would discuss certain aspects and forget how we changed it. Dan and Michael and Tim were working on the Flow chart on the board while Wilson was sketching the character and some frames/platforms for our game.



Hello world!

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