Week 8 Weekly Contribution

This week we all met to work on creating the BETA of our game.

Wilson and I are working on the level design on illustrator, while Tim creates it on Maya to be imported  in Unity by Michael and Dan worked on the design documentation and enemy creation. We found that 2D platforms has many issues in Unity and 3D platforms seem to work better and causes less trouble for our sprite.



Week 1 Contribution

For the first week, we all met online after class to talk about the type of game we plan to create for the class. I help isolate and find commonality between the types of games each member like/play or would like to create.

After, I help Dan fill out our game concept document since the others had early class. We all agree to meet on Friday in person at SFU Surrey Campus. On that day, we all contributed to the mechanics of our game and discussed all of the categories that we needed to cover for our game concept document and presentation.

Dan create a draft presentation and after todays class we all met up to rehearse and polish up the slides. I changed the slides, adding precedent pictures and ordered the slides and distribute the slides for each member to present. We all contributed to working on the slides by finding pictures I could enter into our slides.